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Setting Up Your Webmail Account In MS Outlook

As with all other Microsoft software products, Outlook too comes with user-friendly account setup wizards and Outlook setting tools to make the process of adding mail accounts to the clients easier. Often, the account setup wizard launches automatically when you are using the application for the first time. If this did not happen, then the wizard can be easily launched from the Outlook menu of options. Just proceed as follows.

Setting Up Your Webmail Account In MS Outlook
Setting Up Your Webmail Account In MS Outlook

Outlook account set up for a webmail account

Before you proceed with this, make sure that you have all the account details required for setting up the account. For automatic account setup, you only need to remember the username and password. All the other details like the incoming and outgoing server addresses are automatically collected from the online server. But, in many cases, you have to use the manual Outlook setting for the account setup. If so, you need to have all the server details mentioned above ready as well as the details regarding the port number details, security connection settings, etc.

Start the account set up wizard by selecting the option Tools > Account Settings > Email > New from the Outlook main toolbar menu. As mentioned earlier, you just need to enter the username, password and email address in the first step of the account setup wizard. For using the manual setup mode, skip these steps and select the Manual Account setting option displayed below and click on Next to proceed.

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In the next step, select the option Internet Email to proceed. Now, you will see the options for entering username, password, incoming and outgoing server address details, server type, email address, etc. Enter all this information correctly. Use the Test Account Settings option you see there to connect to the online server with this information. In the connection, check if you have committed an error somewhere in the account setup process by entering wrong data.

If all the settings are indeed correct, then Outlook client will establish a connection with the mail server. If so, then click on the Finish button to complete the account setup process and exit from the wizard. With the account set up now complete, Outlook will start downloading all your stored email account data to the Outlook folders in the system. Depending on the amount of data you have stored in your webmail account and the speed of the internet connection, this might take some time.

When this is done, you will be able to access all your webmail messages, both old and new, from the Outlook client.

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