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Synchronizing Microsoft Outlook with AOL email

Microsoft Outlook is one of the favorite email application used by internet users. They help to send and receive emails. Other than that, there are various features offered by Microsoft Outlook making it one of the outstanding email application among different other email applications.

Synchronizing Microsoft Outlook with AOL email

You might have heard about Microsoft Outlook 2010 which is normally used to manage the emails in an effective way. It is not considered as an email account and you need to add certain information from an existing email account like AOL to Outlook and synchronize the servers of the email accounts.

Let us check the instructions involved in synchronizing Outlook settings with AOL

  • Open Microsoft Outlook 2010.
  • Now click on the File tab that you find on the top left corner of the screen.
  • On the left side of the menu that appears, click on the Info and choose Account Settings. Clicking Account Settings will expand a menu from which you can choose Account Settings once again.
  • On the top of the window, you can click on the Email tab and select New.
  • Now select Email account option and select Next.
  • You will find a space to enter an email address and name. You can type that in their fields. Type a password for the account. You can confirm the password in Re-type Password field.
  • You will find the option Manually configure server settings or additional server types. Put a check mark on the box and select Next.
  • Now select Internet E-mail and select Next.
  • Next to Account type, you will find a drop down menu. Click on it and choose IMAP or POP3.How to update Outlook Settings
  • How to update Outlook Settings
  • How to update Outlook Settings
  • Now in the Incoming mail server, you can type if you have chosen IMAP or if you have chosen POP3.
  • In the User name field, you can type AOL screen name. It is the part which comes before “@”symbol.
  • Now select the More Settings button and select Outgoing server tab.
  • You will find a box next to My outgoing server requires authentication. You can a check in the box and select Advanced tab.
  • Now in the Incoming server field, you can type 143 if you are using IMAP or if you are using POP3, you can type 110.
  •  In the Outgoing server field, you can type 587 and click on OK.
  • Now select Next and choose Finish.

You can follow the above instructions and update the Outlook settings and synchronize the servers.

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